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Business Videography & Photography 

Commercial Videography in Lakeland

Videography and photography has been one of the most powerful tools in my marketing tool kit. It has consistently driven leads and closed business for the small business I work for. People want to work with people. The more they see you and your people, the more trust is built. Of course, it has to be good content. That's where I come in :)


Reach out for a free estimate on your upcoming video or photo plans. I can help you develop your plan and make it come to life for a good price. While most video companies are going to charge a minimum of $1,000, I'm more in the ballpark of $200-400. I have low overhead and this is a side business, so I have no need to charge as much as the big guys. That being said, a video company will deliver a fantastic product and are oftentimes worth their weight in Gold. However, if you cannot afford one of these productions and prefer to have fast turnaround high quality video, then I'm your guy.   

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