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Lakeland Marketing Plans 

A video without a plan is only for you and maybe your employees. A video with a plan is what grows your business. If you have no marketing plan or experience, I do not recommend spending a bunch of money on video. Work with a professional to build the marketing fundamentals of your business. only then will video have an impact but oh what an impact it will have!

Please reach out if you need additional assistance with marketing your business. I can manage 7 more website management plans, 3 Content Creator plans, and I have 1 more spot for the Marketing Manager plan. 

Choose your pricing plan

  • Marketing Manager

    Every month
    Bring my expertise to your small business
    • One marketing and strategy direction meeting per month
    • Create and maintain company website
    • One high quality video per month
    • One photoshoot per month
    • At least 2 social media posts per week on relevant platforms
    • Management of web presence
    • Management of advertising campaigns
    • Management of any and all marketing vendors
    • Development of copy for website, sales sheets, and video
  • Website Management

    Every month
    Make sure your business looks fantastic online!
    • Website Creation
    • Website hosting on responsive and secure host
    • Ongoing maintenance and updates
    • Implementation of SEO Best Practices
    • Ongoing SEO management
    • Website consulting and content ideas
  • Content Creator

    Every month
    Dedicated Videographer /Photographer for your business!
    • One High Quality Video per month
    • One photo session per month
    • Editing and delivery of video and photography
    • Assist with distribution of content on social and web pages
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