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Reviews, Testimonials, and Case Studies - Why is Social Proof so important in 2021?

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

In this short video, I discuss why social proof is so important. If you prefer reading over watching, let's dive into more detail below!

What is social proof?

There is actually a lot of history behind this term. Originally coined in 1984 by Robert Cialdini, the term represents the phycological phenomenon wherein people will follow the actions of the masses. "People like us, do things like this." If you can prove other individuals like your prospect are using your product/service successfully, you are significantly more likely to convert those individuals.

Consider your own buying habits. When you want to purchase a product or service, do you look at the reviews? What would you do if a product had no reviews? What would you do if they had mostly bad reviews?

While the questions are mostly rhetorical, it quickly shows why social proof is so important. Having no reviews is almost as bad as having bad reviews!

When we end up on a business website and we see them talking about how great they are, does this catch our attention? Maybe a little. However, if you see a case study of how this specific service transformed a business, you better believe that is going to have a positive impact.

Okay, we get it. It's important. What else?

Consider this, before I started working at Alltek Services, we had no reviews on Google. We had a great reputation and were around for over 15 years. However... no reviews at all. Why is that? There are a few reasons, but it boils down to this simple fact - if you don't consistently ask for 5 star reviews, you're not going to get many. Period.

You have to consistently ask your customers for 5-star review on Google, Bing, FaceBook, and any other platform you are. Don't ask for a review. Ask for a 5-star review with details on what you were able to do for them. Some of that text can be indexed by search engines which will further point people towards your business.

Avenues to gather social proof:

  1. Reviews on the social media platforms you use

  2. Google and Bing reviews

  3. Replicate those on your website testimonial page

  4. Video testimonials - most effective form my experience

  5. Case Study - How has your product/service impacted someone specifically?

Your customers would probably be thrilled to write you a review! Just show them exactly where to go and how to do it and they'll most likely get it done. You have to take that initiative.

If this is the ONLY marketing tactic you use, you will be one step ahead of other businesses. However, I have a whole lot more to share than that, so make sure to sign up to get alerts on my upcoming blogs. This blog series will give you actionable items to grow your small business today.

Social Proof is just one of the items you need to be doing well. To see the full Checklist, visit my Ultimate Small Business Checklist!

Thanks for reading!


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